The Future of the Royal Alex in 5 Easy Steps

As I’ve blogged (and vlogged) about many times already – you know I’m a hospital that’s been waiting for over 20 years to receive funding to be redeveloped. I’ve been at the top of the health care infrastructure spending list that whole time too! I am not writing this post to point the fingers of blame for my wait, rather today I want to talk about hope.

Truthfully I am hopeful, hopeful that my wait is almost over. So in preparation of being funded, here is my wish list for how I would update myself (drum roll, please).

  1. Construction of a new RAH Main Hospital – This is the big ticket item … I need a new 800 bed tower with additional surgical suites.
  2. Construction of a new Child and Adolescent Mental Health Facility – Children deserve the best facility possible for mental health care.
  3. Construction of a medical offices building – Can you believe I don’t have one of these?
  4. Upgrades to my District Utility Plant – My current system is at capacity!
  5. Demolition of the Women’s Pavilion, Children’s Pavilion, Community Services Centre and Renal Dialysis Building

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Care to cross your fingers with me?!

Take care,


2 thoughts on “The Future of the Royal Alex in 5 Easy Steps

  • I just toured a seniors home owned by AHS, the floors were so torn up that it would be a trip and fall danger, that needs to be taken care of before anything at the Alex! P.S. I have been working at the Alex for 27 years! I have certainly seen lots of updates and repairs!

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