Real Superheroes Live in Edmonton

Today I want to talk about superheroes. Not the kind you see in movies wearing capes and tights. But real life superheros in more modest attire … like hospital scrubs.

These superheros are the doctors, nurses and support staff that work in me – Edmonton’s oldest hospital. Year after year these everyday heroes come to the rescue of thousands of Albertans.

Just think about the vast superpowers that are needed to keep dangerous infections at bay in overcrowded rooms. Sure Superman can fly, but can he perform over 30,000 surgeries every year in an underfunded hospital? I don’t think so…but our superheros can.

But even superheroes get tired.

That’s why I need the government to follow-through on its recommendation to replace my aged-out infrastructure — a building that is no longer appropriate for acute patient care.

In my video blogs, I’ve been upfront. For 20 years I’ve been at the top of the list, and for 20 years I’ve been waiting.

I’m tired of waiting. And my superheroes are too. They deserve much better.

Remember, if I get funded — patients win.

Take care,


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