A hospital’s favourite wintertime activity

Albertans are born to winter. We love chasing the cold with fun, but unfortunately sometimes that fun can lead to a hospital visit. The good news is I’m a hospital, and my favourite wintertime activity is patient care.

So when you’re going to attempt that back-flip while skiing, know that last year I saw over 73,000 emergency visits. I know what I am doing. If ripping down the toboggan slopes induces your labour, good news, last year I aided in over 7,000 babies being delivered. If you fall on some unsalted ice and aren’t sure whether you wrecked your tailbone or your hip socket – I’ve got you covered. Last year, over half a million Albertans visited my clinics.

But as I sit here sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate, I can’t help but imagine how much more I could be doing for the people of the province if I were to receive long overdue funding. (Hint- I could do a LOT more)

So get out there and enjoy the winter. But remember, if you’re feeling like you can still do a triple lutz but don’t quite land it…. I am here for you.

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